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We Team Sunbeam School Faizabad congratulate all achievers of AISSCE- 2019-20

Chairman's Desk

Mr. Sohan Lal Yadav

“If the face of India has to change ever than it cannot be attend without quality education being imparted to everyone without any discrimination ……”

In present scenario education is not merely paper - pencil - chalkboard theory. The tree of education has to be nurtured by the educational mentors so that the fruits are equally nourished with academics, co- curricular activities, moral ethics and the strength to compete in today’s world.

We at Sunbeam provides unique educational experience. We encourage positive social behavior and emphasize the important qualities of integrity, honesty,creativity,imaginations. We aim to enable all children to reach their full potential.

Teachers are not only trained to teach but are also expected to inspire confidence and trust in their students.

Through my eyes, Sunbeam is the CONNECT- to make the world a better place to live in by creating future leaders.

…….Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail .

School Activities

Extra Curricular

The children indulge in multifarious activities throughout the year like grip sheet, imaginative drawing, thematic sticking, free play and fun activity...

Games & Sports

Sunbeam Faizabad is providing activity like Football, Volleyball, Scout and guide, Aryabhatta classes, Einstein club, Table tennis, Art...,

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